Ministry of Forests Research Team

CRM was responsible for developing an Online Story Map Series outlining the background, objectives, and outcomes of a provincial research project conducting large-scale research and monitoring initiatives that examine the outcomes of forest management practices under Ecosystem-based Management (EBM). The framework is based upon interdisciplinary, multi-scale, active adaptive management research that combines the use of short-term, retrospective studies (2-4 years) with longer-term, controlled and replicated experimentation within select coastal watersheds of the EBM plan area. This structured programme of ecological research is designed to support decision-making and management needs and produce a transparent and credible scientific mechanism for:

  • Refining scientific understanding of the foundations for Ecological Integrity (EI) objectives.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the current EI objectives.
  • Reducing uncertainty regarding the ecological outcomes of management decisions on the land base.