Revolutionizing agriculture with innovative surveying and mapping services and drone technology to provide real-time data for field mapping and planning

When CRM works with an agriculture partner as an outsourced drone and GIS services provider, the benefits and efficiencies are immediate. Simply put, drones and GIS services have transformed land assessments, crop health monitoring, and provide clear advantages over traditional methods. The professional-grade maps and 3D models and imagery they provide are accurate, detailed, and come in real-time so necessary actions can be taken immediately.

Drones are playing a critical role in cutting costs and increasing efficiency within the agriculture industry. With multispectral and thermal imaging coupled with geo-spatial technology, drone services have revolutionized how GIS mapping for the management of issues and problems are now being addressed.

As impressive as the applications are for the detailed imaging drones are now providing, they also serve plenty of other purposes in the agricultural industry, such as:

  • Increased seed planting efficiency
  • Moisture and disease detection
  • Vegetation health mapping
  • Crop spraying



Keeping crops healthy with data-driven solutions
CRM leverages over 20+ years of geospatial experience, high-resolution drone imagery and real-time data to optimize farm operations and create long-term, sustainable solutions. Contact us to learn more.
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