GIS surveying and mapping solutions that provide civil engineering teams with vital, accurate information for public works and infrastructure projects

The industrial applications of CRM’s GIS and drone services are extensive and extend to a vast selection of industries including engineering and surveying. Civil engineering has benefited from a series of advancements in drone and GIS services that have transformed traditional industry practices. We work with civil engineers in the public and private sector to help them manage risk and make more informed-decisions with GIS surveying services such as aerial survey, orthoimagery, 3D visualization and more.

CRM’s GIS surveying and drove services provide Civil Engineering Teams with benefits such as:
  • Safety – Engineers face a myriad of challenges and safety risks in the field that can be eliminated with aerial surveys. By partnering with a GIS company, traditional surveyors may be removed from dangerous tasks such as inspecting bridges, utility poles and communications towers and replaced with air-based data collection systems that can safely and seamlessly maneuver around dangerous and tight spaces.
  • Cost-Savings – Drones have all but eliminated operational shutdowns through streamlined data gathering operations that were otherwise unavailable to the industry. CRM leverages repeatable data collection techniques to maximize analytic results and improve efficiencies.
  • Enhanced Communication – Web-based GIS Mapping Services deliver rich interactive maps and visualizations to provide better storytelling
  • Improved Geographic Information Logs – Partnering with firms that specialize in database management, such as CRM, is an asset for organizations responsible for maintaining records of fluctuations in geographic regions, also known as geographic accounting.
  • Transportation and Logistics – Drone services add tremendous value to logistics planning in construction sites by flagging potential risks and providing high-level imagery for assessing work sites. Ariel surveys allow for real-time tracking of site progress that provides value-based reporting for staff and managers.
GIS Services for Civil Engineering Projects
Receive complete GIS data management and analysis by CRM for highly accurate and realistic geographical surveys. To learn more about the benefits of utilizing outsourced GIS services in the engineering and surveying fields, get in touch with us today.
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