CRM offers on-site and remote IT support for GIS and other Database Management Systems

Our team works with clients to develop work-plans to fit each organization’s individual needs. We offer scalable services to support both large organizations and the needs of individual users. Our services include hardware and software support, network administration, mobile device support, database administration, and support with GIS processes and software (including licensing, server setup, ArcGIS Online, and Desktop).

IT support to meet your needs
Helping you resolve issues that impact your organization
Data Management Coordinator Services

CRM is supporting MaPP with data management coordinator services to accomplish such goals as:

  • Develop and administer a corporate Data Management System (DMS)
  • Support data management and analysis to help advance the corporate Integrated EBM Indicator Monitoring and Reporting ProgramDevelop
  • reporting strategies for the Integrated EBM Monitoring and Reporting Program
GIS application development and technical support
Whatever you need to accomplish, the professionals at CRM are here to help. We provide expert technical support and guidance to assist you in your GIS implementation so you can begin unlocking the potential of your data.
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