Coastal Resource Mapping runs on the talents and skillsets brought in by our team members

Our full complement includes Subject Matter Experts on Analysis, Project Management, Cartography, Programming, Information Management/Technology, Database Creation/Administration, Public Affairs, Instruction/Training.

Although each is a subject matter expert in their own right, each team member of our GIS company is a GIS professional having graduated from a highly intensive and exclusive post-graduate GIS program. Adding to this distinction, each of our team members’ academic and previous work backgrounds are highly varied, giving us the advantage to offer solutions in many areas of interest.

Our Skilled Staff
Meet John Ziemanski
John Ziemanski
Meet Scott Dwyer
Scott Dwyer
IT Administrator
Meet Melissa Meneghetti
Melissa Meneghetti
Project Manager / Senior Analyst
Meet Jason Young
Jason Young
Spatial Analyst
Meet Anna Douglas-Morris
Anna Douglas-Morris
Project Manager / Ecologist / Spatial Analyst
Meet Shahin Hussaini
Shahin Hussaini
Project Manager / Software Engineer
Meet Robin Colyn
Robin Colyn
GIS Specialist / Data Analyst / Environmental Scientist / Project Manager
Meet Mark Dahl, P.Geo.
Mark Dahl, P.Geo.
Project Manager / Data Scientist
Meet Oscar Wu
Oscar Wu
GIS Developer / Spatial Analyst / Web Mapping Specialist
Meet Sedevizo Kielienyu
Sedevizo Kielienyu
Data Scientist / Software Developer
Meet Tomas Kulaja
Tomas Kulaja
UAV Operations Manager / Spatial Analyst / Web Mapping Specialist
Meet Heather Prencipe
Heather Prencipe
Spatial Analyst
Meet Gabrielle Galloway
Gabrielle Galloway
Spatial Analyst
Read About Our Vision & Mission
Found in 1998, Coastal Resource Mapping strives to bring value to every client through a broad range of custom GIS applications that help organizations visualize their data and achieve long-term success.
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